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Chief Standing Bear statue unveiled in tribal homelands

Tribe hosts 25th Annual Powwow in Niobrara

Casino Groundbreaking in Carter Lake, IA

Historic Ponca Remembrance Walk from Niobrara to Barneston

Tribe Co-Hosts 2016 Dhegiha Language Conference

Chief Standing Bear Trail Podcast

25th Anniversary of Restoration Celebrated with Open House and Powwow

Ponca Educational Trail Opens

New Headquarters Opens in Niobrara

Ponca Transit Facility Opens in Norfolk

  • Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

    Although the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska does not have a reservation, the Ponca Restoration Act established our fifteen-county Service Delivery Area across Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. We offer a broad range of health, social, educational and cultural services through five office sites.

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  • Little Soldier
    Ponca Tribe - Circa 1906