Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

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Niobrara NE – Tribal Headquarters


2523 Woodbine Street

PO BOX 288

Niobrara NE 68760


Phone: 402-857-3391

Fax: 402-857-3736

Health (PO Box 160)

Phone: 402-857-3391

Fax: 402-857-3771



Niobrara NE – Ponca Community Building


88915 521 Avenue

PO BOX 288

Niobrara NE 68760


Phone: 402-857-3519

Fax: 402-857-3652



  • Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

    Although the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska does not have a reservation, the Ponca Restoration Act established our fifteen-county Service Delivery Area across Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. We offer a broad range of health, social, educational and cultural services through five office sites.

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  • Little Soldier
    Ponca Tribe - Circa 1906